Our on-site Church services have been canceled since March 15, 2020 due to the COVID-19 virus. Services are streamed on YouTube at 11:30 each Sunday morning. We Will keep you posted via this website and our social media accounts for further updates. (Isaiah 26:3-4)



Sundays 11:30am & 5pm   |  Wednesdays 7pm



Our Sunday morning service, is a time of reverent worship, helpful Bible preaching, and refreshing fellowship. The tone of the morning service is both reverent and uplifting. While pastor Dan is preaching, the children have their own “children’s church” in the side room. We hope that all who attend will be encouraged, challenged, and helped, and those who do not know Christ as their personal Savior, will know and receive good news of redemption!



Our Sunday evening service, starting immediately following our ESL class, is similar to our morning service, but pastor focuses his preaching on helping, encouraging, and equipping more committed believers. Always, in all of our services, we pray that Christ might be lifted up, the Scripture might be clearly taught, and believers might be exhorted to live with “simplicity and godly sincerity.”


Sundays 3-5pm

The class is a warm and friendly environment in which students can improve their English.  Improving your English will happen as we seek to strengthen the foundations of grammar and vocabulary. Better communication happens as we practice the grammar and vocabulary in the classroom.

Regular Class Schedule

  • The first half of the class is dedicated to learning new vocabulary, revising and expanding grammar, and working on pronunciation.
  • The second half of the class is given to speaking  and writing to practice what we’ve learned in the first half of the class. New vocabualry and grammar only become yours as you actually use it.
  • Light homework assignments are also assigned to give additional practice reinforcing what was learned in class.

Class is free!

 Beth’s ESL teaching credentials and experience:

  • Beth is a CELTA certified teacher with years of experience.
  • Taught in a language school Dublin city centre from 2011 through 2015. 
  • Known for being patient with her students which makes them feel comfortable and better able to learn.
  • Has taught all levels of ESL classes in professional enviornment – from beginner to intermediate, to advanced.
  • Beth continues to tutor students part time.

To improve communication skills in English. This includes communicating through writing as well as speech. Improving listening skills will aid better communcation. Improving reading skills includes expanding your vocabulary which in turn will improve all other areas of communication.

Students will:

  • learn grammar
  • build vocabulary
  • improve listening & speaking skills
  • improve reading & writing skills

  • “English class in Hope Baptist Church is great. I’ve learned a lot of English, especially in grammar and pronunciation. Our teacher – Beth – is great and very helpful too. She makes me understand what she teaches.” – Fe Santos (from the Philippines)
  • “The English class is reall really good. It is helping me a lot, we have listening, grammar, conversation and writing. It is a very fun and lovely class. Beth is an amazing qualified tyeacher that has been doing a great job for all of us, as Andrew that has been a good encouragement too. Thank you so much Hope Baptist Church to provide this to us.” – Ana Cassia  (from Brazil)
  • “I’ve found the class very helpful and interesting. I’ve learnt a lot from the class. Beth is an excellent teacher. She’s very patient and very clear in her explanations. Thanks Beth and HBC for this free English class every Sunday.” – Kathy Lim (from Singapore)
  • “The English class on Sunday afternoon is really good. I learned lots of vocabulary and grammar. It’s amazing environment and the teacher is very helpful. I recommend this course!” – Angelica McEleney (from Brazil)
  • “I’ve learned something about the English language like to use proper grammar and this is really good. It also helps us to speak English in a proper way.” – Arnel Santos (from the Philippines)





Truth Trekkers Kids Klub  |  Men’s & Ladies’ Bible studies

At HBC, we love kids! Truth Trekkers Kids Klub is filled each week with awesome games, weekly prizes, lots of fun and energy, and capped with a clear Bible lesson geared for kids. Meeting for one hour every Wednesday night, We endeavour to teach children the timeless truths and promises of God’s Word.

At Truth Trekkers  you can expect:

  • A well supervised, safe environment for your kids.
  • Exciting games, competitions, and prizes each week.
  • Simple Bible lesson geared for kids.

Parents are free to stay and watch or stroll down to the Town Center during the club. If you would like we also have a low key weekly Bible study for men and ladies while the Kids Klub is meeting. All are welcome!

Men’s Prayer & Bible Study



Ladies’ Prayer & Bible Study