What you’ll find at Hope Baptist Church

A friendly atmosphere to welcome you

We desire that all who come, especially our visitors, will feel comfortable, welcomed and encouraged. Our slogan here is “a family of friends,” and that’s exactly what we are. We truly love and care for people, and desire to help any we possibly can. Following each service, we have a special time of tea, biscuits, and fellowship. 

A Bible message to challenge you

In every service, the truth from God’s word is clearly and faithfully shared each week by pastor Dan. He delivers messages each week that are simple, Christ-honoring, true to the Bible, and practical for daily living. His goal in preaching is that the people would be able “to see the truths for themselves directly from the Bible.”

A New-testament church to help you

God’s Word has the amazing ability to transform lives, bring hope, and bring true liberty. We trust that as you hear the Bible faithfully preached, and see it lived out in our members, your life will be greatly helped. Most importantly, if you don’t know Jesus Christ as your Saviour, you will be shown the good news of salvation – how you can be forgiven, and 100% sure that you’re on your way to heaven!



For every service, we have a free, well-supervised creche available for children 0-3 years of age. The creche is located downstairs near the kitchen.


Each service generally lasts approximately 1 hour. After each of our Sunday services we have a time of fellowship with tea & coffee and some other yummy treats!


We provide free reserved parking for all who attend HBC. Please contact for more information.