2024 @ HBC


Summer Bible Camp is the highlight of our year, where we aim for fun with a purpose. Through cheering, puppets, games, prizes, suspenseful stories, and magic object lessons, children learn the wonderful and timeless promises of God’s Word. Each year we have a blast, and if you’ve never come, we hope you’ll join us! The week is absolutely free, but registration is required. Ages 5-12


Over the past couple of years, we have worked hard at developing a reputation, of having a professional, safe, and just a really fun week for the children. Every year we have many returning families, for our annual Summer Bible Camp, who do not otherwise attend our church our identify themselves as Baptist. In a world where kids are hearing less and less of the Bible and who God is, especially in a positive light, we consider it a great privilege to teach, encourage, and help the children of our community!

Fun with a purpose

At Summer Bible Camp, we are huge fans of fun! However, we believe that all fun should have a purpose. Those who attend HBC will quickly be absorbed in the excitement of cheering, balloon races, and be left asking “how does he do that!” when Mr. Andrew shows them another magic object lesson. Through the fun, the stories, the excitement, and all the special things associated with HBC, we hope the message shines through – Jesus loves you!

Our Goal

For children to learn more about the Bible, amazing stories and fascinating people in the Bible, and to personally know God. Jesus, during His earthly ministry, was keenly interested in the children. Even when the children annoyed the disciples, they always knew that Jesus truly loved them, and they loved Him. We hope this is our spirit. We really want the children to know the good news, that Jesus died on the cross for our sin, so that we could go to heaven, and that the best and happiest life is one lived following Jesus!

ART Camp 2024

Art Camp is designed to be a fun and learning experience, where children exercise their artistic talents and enjoy a positive atmosphere. We add to the art lessons, fun interactive games, and a positive Bible lesson. This year, we will be exploring God’s word through colors. For Art Camp we have limited spaces available, so if possible, please sign up as soon as possible.


We will be painting a canvas bag using tape resistance to create their own design. They will use sponge and splatter methods to create their design.


The children will create an optical illusion in one lesson. They will also learn about symmetry and use this to complete a drawing.


Children will learn to decoupage using Mod Podge and a variety of paper to create a decorative design on a wooden box.


Each year, we coordinate with Giddy Studios to have them on site to guide the children as they paint a ceramic product that they have selected. It is one of the highlights of each year.

Paper mache

Children will follow a step-by-step instruction to create a container out of air dry clay. They will learn how to make different types of clay embellishments to decorate their container. They will then paint their creation after it has dried.


While a simple skill, Origami opens possibilities of amazing creativity. Shawn will be teaching the basics and illustrating a maze of folds, unfolds, and refolds!  


Art Camp begins each day at 9:30am and ends at 12:30pm. The fee for Art Camp we try to keep as low as possible, is €70 for the week.

Hygenic & Healthy SNACKS PROVIDED

Each day, children will receive a carefully prepared snacks and drinks during Art Camp & Bible Camp. 

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Summer Bible Camp

July 8-12 | 9:30am – 12:30pm


Art Camp

August 5-9 | 9:30am – 12:30pm